Next Residency Dates:

January 3rd – 11th, 2015

Application Deadlines for Spring Semester 2015:

Early application deadline – September 10, 2014


Merit Scholarships and generous need-based grants available!!

If you have any questions about this deadline or these grants please do not hesitate to contact us: gradadmissions@nhia.edu

Space permitting, applications may be considered on a case-by-case basis after November 1st.


“Our low-residency Master of Fine Arts program offers students a unique opportunity to experience technical, conceptual and professional artistic growth. At the same time it provides a community that will enrich the students life in ways that are fundamental to developing and sustaining a professional level of artistic practice.

The New Hampshire village of Peterborough, one of the leading small arts communities in America, and the adjacent village of Sharon, both located in the foothills of the famous Mt. Monadnock serve as the beautiful, secluded hub for the residencies and offer the ideal atmosphere for artists. Both locations are steeped in cultural and artistic history and have lively and engaged contemporary cultural and artistic communities.

The ten-day residencies are concentrated retreat-like experiences. Each student is given personal individual care and guidance from highly qualified faculty. Our objective as a cohesive faculty unit is to see each student dig deep into the meaning of his/her work and create a passionate work ethic that will build upon conceptual and technical learning and serve as the foundation for their entry into a professional artistic life.

Through our care and commitment each student will advance their understanding of their work and its place in the world and engage and evolve the professional field they are interested in.”

Alison Williams
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

About our MFA